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Review Your Aetna Dental Benefits is a specialist in dental care, dental insurance plans, vision and prescription coverage programs since 1983. We offer several national dental, vision and prescription programs depending upon the state you live in...the program you selected is the Aetna Dental Access Plan.

A family membership is all residents in the household, including children, parents, relatives, significant others, and all permanent residents of the household. This dental package includes dental, vision and prescription (Rx) services. This plan includes dental, vision, and Rx benefits. Here's your chance to take the hassle out of maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. You just show up for your dental appointment and make your co-payment, no claim forms, no deductibles - what could be easier? We know cost is important, that's why the dental preventive care is so easy to get...and with low monthly rates and co-payments.

dental insurance

There are no deductibles and no yearly limits on benefits, and there are no claim forms to fill out. Your savings are in place when you visit your dentist.

dental insurance

The dentists must meet the Plan's standard of quality and service. All have agreed to provide dental care at the low co-payments available only to members. Check the dental benefit co-payments below and see how easy it is for you and/or your family to enjoy quality dental coverage while maintaining your budget.

dental plans, discount dental plansThere is no waiting period for your dental services to begin, pre-existing dental conditions are covered and best of all, the dental plan services starts the next business day, so you can see the plan dentist immediately. However, there is no coverage for any "dental work in progress" before entering the plan related to orthodontics.

If you have any questions regarding the Aetna dental access plan please contact our office for assistance. After you complete the online dental application we will send you an email confirmation as your temporary proof of application with instructions on how to make your first dental appointment without your id cards. Be absolutely sure your email address is correct once you have entered it. Your dental ID cards will arrive in 10-14 days.

Services start the next business day!

Dental plan services for your area.



This schedule is only to be used as a guide to determine approximate prices for dental services in the geographic area noted.  The fee schedule amount reflects average fee information currently available on our systems.  Individual dentist fee schedules may differ.  Aetna makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any particular fee amount.  In order to determine the specific rates for a dental provider, you should contact the dental provider directly.

Please review the plans disclosure information before purchasing this dental plan. These dental plans are offered, underwritten or administered by: Aetna Health Inc., Aetna Health of California Inc., Aetna Health of the Carolinas Inc., Aetna Health of Illinois Inc., Aetna Health Insurance Company of New York, Corporate Health Insurance Company, Aetna Life Insurance Company, Aetna Dental Inc., and/or Aetna Dental of California Inc. There are no benefits payable to you, nor does Aetna compensate dentists for services they may render to you. Aetna is not an insurer, guarantor or underwriter of any services provided under the program or of any payments to you.

The Vital Savings by Aetna program provides you access to a network of participating dentists called “Aetna Dental Access.” This network of dentists is comprised of dentists who are independent practicing dentists. The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed, and provider network composition is subject to change. Notice of the change shall be provided in accordance with applicable state law. Aetna does not provide medical or dental care/treatment and is not responsible for outcomes. All dental care is the responsibility of the treating dentist, in consultation with you. Selection of a dentist is also the responsibility of you and is not based on any representations by Aetna.

Dentists participating in the program network have agreed to make certain dental services and supplies available to you on a “discounted service” basis. The term “discounted service” means a dental service that is available to you at a reduced cost from fees normally charged by the dental provider and for which you are solely financially responsible. All payments to dental providers are due and payable at the time of service, unless another payment arrangement is mutually agreed upon between you and the treating dental provider. You shall be subject to the treating dental provider’s late payment and other office policies.

THE PROGRAM IS NOT AN INSURANCE PLAN. There are no benefits payable to you, nor does Aetna compensate dentists for services they may render to you. Aetna is not an insurer, guarantor or underwriter of any services provided under the program or of any payments to you. You arrange for needed dental care directly with the network dentist. Payment for dental care is also arranged between you and the network dentist. You are responsible for paying the discounted fee directly to the provider at the time you receive services.

Aetna shall in no event be liable for any payment to a provider accessed under the program or for the refusal of a provider to accept the discounted service rates. In order to access discounted services, you must present your ID card to the network dentist’s office at the time of the appointment. Your participation in the program may be terminated immediately in the event that you provide access to your ID card (or otherwise provides unauthorized access to the program) to any ineligible individual.

Colorado residents have the right to cancel membership in the Vital Savings program within 30 days of participation. All paid membership fees paid for participation in this discount plan will be refunded to you. To cancel membership, please contact your employer’s benefits office. Aetna may, from time to time, and in its sole discretion, provide you with access to additional programs free of charge, that offer access to non-dental services at discounted or special rates. Any such programs are offered by independently contracted vendors/providers who are not employees or agents of Aetna or its affiliates.

Aetna does not endorse any such products or services and the vendors/providers of such products/services are solely responsible for the products/services they provide. Vendors/providers included in such programs are not reviewed or credentialed by Aetna.

The Vital Savings by Aetna program is not insurance and is offered by Aetna Life Insurance Company. The program may not now, or in the future, be available in all states and Aetna reserves the right to terminate the program in its entirety or in any state(s) or other geographic location(s) without prior notice to you. Vital Savings by Aetna® and Aetna Dental Access® are registered trademarks of Aetna Inc.


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